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Learn to Cook with Honey & More

Learn to Cook with Honey & More

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HapBee to share this is the "signature" item for BeeUniQ Boutique. Without hesitation this is frequently recommended as a great gift idea - this pairing is loved by all. Bagged together or boxed together for shipping. The perfect combination of Raw Honey and easy to follow instructional recipe book. Full-color & bee-utiful photography adds to the enjoyment of cooking with honey. The 16 oz bottle of raw honey and dipper will come in a drawstring bag and packaged with the book in an attractive frosted bag with Christmas color ribbon.

Plus, in the wonderful book read tips about honey varieties and how to help pollinators, as well as honey crafting ideas, add to the value of this delightful cookbook. Also includes useful information on buying honey, using it as a replacement for granulated sugar, and more.

The perfect pairing! Honey and how to use this amazing agricultural sweetness.

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