Inspiration for all things bee... and so much more. Honey Bee Awareness, Pollinators, BeeUtiful Blooms, and Mother Nature.

Offering a bit of fashion, fun, flare, nature loving, and a whole lot of bee. Bring on the yellow - warm like a ray of sunshine.

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    • Tin of Paw Balm for Paws & Noses

      Paw Balm for your Dogs

      Treat your furry friend to some extra TLC with our gently formula of products for rough paws, elbows, and dry noses.

    • Honey Salve Tin

      Honey Salve

      Discover the soothing power of our handcrafted product infused with the beneficial healing honey. Experience intense relief for your cracked hands.

    • Skin Relief Balm

      Experience the perfect balance of hydration and nourishment with our non-greasy balm. Ideal for everyday use by both men and women. Discover our two varieties: one with no added fragrance and one with a subtle and pleasant citrus aroma. Choose the scent that suits you best.


    Paul & Stacy are Spreading the Buzz with a variety of UniQ hive styles

    Thrive for the challenge to bee-uniq with not your standard hives. You'll find an assortment of hive style configurations in our yards of Langstroth, Long Langstroth, Top Bars, Slovenian style AZ, Nat, Leaf, Book, Custom Observations, #TravelinHive, Queen's Castle, Swarm Trap - all of different colors and painted themes.

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    General "Bee" Store.

    Find BeeUniQ and Hill City Honey locally in Lynchburg VA, online, and we ship to all of the US. Look for Pop Up events with educational opportunities on our FaceBook pages.
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