How we Connect with Nature

BeeYond just colonies of Honey Bees. 

A life with back yard Honey Bees for more than 25 years as a family hobby has lead to many nature lessons, opportunities, education, and long genuine friendships. So much more BeeYond just the bees!

What started as an interest to my hubby, known as "The BeeMan" beecame his hobby in 1995 - in no time the hobby beecame a deep passion, (at times an obsession) this lead to more of a lifestyle. Hence, why I refer often to "our life with Honey Bees". Spreading the buzz became a household slogan. We were the "BeeFamily" to the community.

A life that revolves around HoneyBees - unique, right?

The BeeMan presented programs about the importance of Honey Bees with live bee demonstrations under a stage name given as "Bob The BeeKeeper". More than just pictures he showed up with an observation hive to share with many  of our local elementary schools, pre-schools, day cares, garden clubs, nutritional programs, private gardeners, and he mentored hundreds of individuals and families interested in learning backyard beekeeping. Life is full of curve balls! We all experienced obstacles in 2020 which changed the connections and educational opportunity’s. Forever changed.

After you become comfortable and familiar with Honey Bees you begin to awaken to nature in general. You will notice plants, animals, weather like never before. You might even find you will be nurtured by nature!

BeeKeeping may not be what you like - but I encourage you to connect with nature in some way.

BeeUniQ Boutique hopes to provide items to be of encouragement while enjoying animals, inspire young and old to get out doors, and appreciate the many gifts of Mother Nature.