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Gentle Bee Soap

Gentle Bee Soap

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Perfect fit for a stocking. This 2 piece pack will slip right in for your loved one to have on Christmas morning.

Did you know honey is great for your skin? Raw honey is absolutely wonderful for nurturing while cleaning your skin. My personal favorite for over a decade. This pack includes 1 bar and 1 hexagon soap with a soap sleeve. This cleansing experience is all about the superior ingredients. No harsh chemicals.

Kissed By Bees SOAP - Organic Goats Milk, Raw Honey, Oatmeal Skin Cleanser - All quality ingredients. However, the slightly filtered honey is the key ingredient. Nurture your skin with natural ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals in the traditional store bought soaps.

This gentle handmade soap is suited for the total shower and bath experience - Face and body. Young and Old.

The raw honey is sourced right from the bee yard & strained (leaving some beneficial particles).   

Raw honey is trusted to be antimicrobial and contains antioxidant properties - this helps to kill bacteria that may cause acne.      

*Organic goats milk soap is deeply rich in vitamins. Smooth - So soft! 

-No added fragrance

-Creamy lather

-Keep out of eyes

For a longer lasting bar of soap it may be helpful to use a soap sleeve and allow (soap and mesh) too completely dry after each use.

Whether young or old, we hope you will enjoy this soap. 

This is known as Stacy’s favorite soap!!!

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