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Raw Honey for all Occasions

Raw Honey for all Occasions

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A win win - add raw honey to your coffee or tea ❤️  for a natural sweetener. Sweeter than sugar so just a little goes a long way.

Keep honey on hand, it doesn't go *bad. There are so many ways to use honey.

Our most popular size is the classic 16 oz bottle - but other sizes and style options are usually available. Gifting? See the cute 16 oz honey tote.
HCH & BeeYond‘s delicious raw honey is sourced from colonies local to the City of Lynchburg, Campbell County, and the Forest area of the bee-Utiful state of Virginia.
The benefit list of using RAW HONEY is long... Very Long! Shout it out, let us get away from refined unhealthy sugar. Choose a natural option! Worth repeating, don't forget honey is sweeter than sugar so bee sure to use less in your recipes.
📌It's so important to know your trusted beekeeper, especially if you are looking to gain nature's beneficial properties - natural antioxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties - All from "true" raw honey. 

✅Each container is labeled with a reminder not to feed infants under the age of one.
*✅ An additional label as a reminder *all honey will at some point crystalize - it is a natural occurrence. Slowly heat the container (Never use a microwave!)
*✅ Take pleasure in knowing raw honey doesn't go bad! Keep the moisture out and take comfort in knowing there is No expiration date. 
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